Drywall Repair

Flash Painting Services in SC

Drywall damage is a homeowner’s nightmare…we all remember the time we tried to «patch» our wall and it never looked the same. Drywall repairs require expertise to not only make the wall stable again, but also to match the texture (or non-texture) of the original wall. The professionals at Flash Painting Services know how to get the job done right! We also hang drywall for room additions and additions. And no home would be complete without a good paint job. Inside or out, our professionals will complete the job from start to finish.

Gypsum panels should be repaired from time to time due to water damage, cracks, peeling, holes or dents. The repair may be a stand-alone project, or it may be in preparation for interior painting. If you find that your walls need a little attention, call us for an online estimate or expert drywall repairs and installation.


Drywall Repair

Having the right products, tools and expertise can be the difference between fixing the problem the right way the first time or not. To avoid having to rework the project as a result of an inadequate solution, call Flash Painting Services for an expert consultation. Repair work to repair water damage must address both the appearance of the damage and ensure that its cause is mitigated or resolved. If in fact, drywall repair is being prepared for a paint job, it is even more important to have a flawless wall that is smooth and primed. Having walls ready to paint will ensure that the adhesion and color of the subsequent color will be what you expect and last a long time.

We offer high quality repairs that are guaranteed not to crack or peel for two years. To prevent future bubbling, we seal drywall that has had the top layer removed due to wallpaper or self-adhesive adhesive. For larger holes, we patch with rectangles or squares of drywall as needed, attach them to wood boards behind the wall, cover with mesh and compound, and sand to a smooth, undetectable finish for the visible and tactile surface. For textured walls, we offer expert matching of the desired surface.  We apply a thin coat in areas with many holes (mud rooms). We apply the skip trowel as needed and sand to a smoother, level surface. Check out our many testimonials or take a look at our many successfully completed projects. Our goal is to add your approval to our growing list of satisfied customers. 


Drywall Repair

Drywall is one of the most important elements of a commercial building’s structural and aesthetic integrity. Crumbling drywall is not only an eyesore, but can also be a cause and effect of other problems. Whether your drywall has been compromised by water damage or another corrosive element/rust, it is vital to pay attention to your walls and keep them in good repair.

Drywall repair would seem to be an easy DIY project for many facilities departments and commercial property managers, but a professional commercial painter can do the job better and faster. When applied by a trained painting contractor, drywall tape can create a clean, seamless surface that even a well-trained eye can’t easily detect. If your site welcomes customers and associates every day, you don’t want them to be distracted by walls that look messy and in disrepair. Professional painting companies will know the best drywall tape to match the texture of your drywall and will be up to date on the best application techniques and methods.


Drywall is a staple in almost every modern home. It’s a fire-resistant material that’s perfect for construction, but it’s not immune to damage. Whether you’re dealing with a small dent or ding from moving furniture or a full-blown series of holes left behind after plumbing, electrical or other home repairs, Flash Painting Services can make your drywall look new again in less time and with less mess. We proudly serve Myrtle Beach SC and nearby surrounding areas.